Without phaenotypic variation, there would be no evolution by natural selection.

Now, wanna I be your dog?

During that protopunk era, he wanted to be a dog. To lay right down his favorite place, to close his eyes, to close his mind and to feel his master’s hand. There must have been the cause of chemicals that involved in this consideration, apart from the opposition to the blue-collar lifestyle. And that was his (The Stooges singer) decision.

Pet dogs do not have a decision to be pet dogs. Do not decide directly what do they want to eat, if they want a healthier lifestyle or choose junk. They’re not punks by choice. But they can compromise happily to their master’s way of thinking.

Publicis Brussels, the Belgian advertising agency, has a sort of punk approach to the communication need of their customer Yarrah.

Yarrah makes organic food for dogs. For real!

Our attention is grabbed by a mixed feeling of humor, disgust, while it raises thoughts over bourgeoisie in this particular time of global scene – probably as a subtle commentary of the message. Funny is that we can relate to this ad, since we all have experienced as kids an overperfumed and overloving granny. But doggies overcome disgust because of their loving nature. So they eat chemicals, suggesting those chemicals that common dog foods have.

The success of this add is that it supports our interest and stays on our mind, directly with the nature of the client’s product. On the other hand, maybe we feel that those funny ladies   would feed organic food their doggies, even if they harm them when they suck their chemical make up.

Is it my imagination or some small dogs when they bark it sounds like “milf! milf!”?

Project info:

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium

Creative Director: Alain Janssens, Paul Servaes

Copywriter: Benoît Menetret

Art Director: Jean-Marc Wachsmann

Photographer: Kurt Stallaert

Graphic Designer: Christophe Van Tricht

Typographer: Olivier Laga

Art Buyer: Laurence Maes, Martine Delpierre

Account Supervisor: Filip Van Der Haegen

Planner: Tom Theys



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