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an Apple-circle can make 5MW

Just like Mother Nature, Apple Company (who has one of the most eco friendly word as brand) focuses on the mega functionality of simple forms. Or better, simple forms hide a huge complexity that can be easily overtaken by instict. Either way you see it, it is just Apple and you know what I mean, because you have tried at least once in your life those i-things, that make your first (and most imporant) reaction, a “woa!”. Then you check the price.

All this intro is to give you a hint, apart from the images, about Apple’s new campus in Cupertino, California, as they are already revealed, past June, by their deceased CEO, Steve Jobs.

Looking it from above, you either see a Zen figure or an ipod scroll wheel; it’s a perfect circle in a green enviroment, you might think it’s alien or a crop circle formation by something bigger than hippies. The most important part of this creation by Foster and Partners, is the solar roof which is one of the largest corporate solar roofs giving over 5MW power. City of Cupertino, is currently examining the details of the project.

Siri, how do you feel about your new campus?



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