Without phaenotypic variation, there would be no evolution by natural selection.

wearable pixels

Most of the thirty somethings have a pixelated childhood. We didn’t know much about 3D graphics. Even more, some of us have vivid memories when Pac-Man and Space Invaders were not vintage or retro, but high-tech games.

5dpi by Dzmitry Samal

This had an influence on most of our everyday life. We were amazed by square burgers, we were dancing like an Egyptian o-e-o etc.

6dpi by Dzmitry Samal

Then 90’s tried to squeeze pixels as much as they could. 00’s almost vanished them in HD. Pixels always lived in our hearts. So did at mr. Dzmitry Samal, a Paris-based designer who seems to feel nostalgic of the squared based graphics of ’80s.

5dpi by Dzmitry Samal

Dzmitry Samal made a series of sunglasses with a pixelated form, under the name “5dpi” and “6dpi”. The frames are from acetate and the models are patented.

6dpi by Dzmitry Samal

That space invader almost hit you!



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