Without phaenotypic variation, there would be no evolution by natural selection.

All is full of touchscreen

You walk and you listen to a weird electronical buzzing. You turn your head on your left shoulder. That buzz again! OMG! There’s a projector on your shoulder instead of a parrot!

You notice that your moves lock. Go immediately in front of a mirror! You might suffer from a gadgetophile virus, called Robocopius Smartphonicus.

If you do all the necessary blood tests and they told you you’re fine, then you probably are the user of OmniTouch; a projector that uses every surface as a touch screen. Chris Harrison, a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction is the inventor of OmniTouch, who because of his studies, wanted to make everything into a computer device.

It can work on every surface, in small distances. On walls, your own hand, your pet.

What I’m thinking, as a heavy user of public transportation, is what would you do, if you have an urgent call in the bus and the call is projected on the boobs of the lady standing infront of you?

Of course it’s not yet on the market.



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