Without phaenotypic variation, there would be no evolution by natural selection.

Now, wanna I be your dog?

During that protopunk era, he wanted to be a dog. To lay right down his favorite place, to close his eyes, to close his mind and to feel his master’s … Continue reading

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Defictionalization of Fight Club soap

“Tyler sold his soap to department stores at $20 a bar. Lord knows what they charged. It was beautiful. We were selling rich women their own fat asses back to … Continue reading

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an Apple-circle can make 5MW

Just like Mother Nature, Apple Company (who has one of the most eco friendly word as brand) focuses on the mega functionality of simple forms. Or better, simple forms hide … Continue reading

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wearable pixels

Most of the thirty somethings have a pixelated childhood. We didn’t know much about 3D graphics. Even more, some of us have vivid memories when Pac-Man and Space Invaders were … Continue reading

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Mom, let’s invest in art editions

-Mom! Mom! I want a book! -Really darling? I’m so proud of you! Show me which book! -This one Mommy, Mark Ryden, Pinxit, the art edition by Taschen. I just … Continue reading

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Point the Troll

-Where’s the troll? -There’s the troll! -Ah! I missed the troll! -No you didn’t, just follow the angle! -What angle? -The angle of the restaurant’s roof, that point’s the Troll … Continue reading

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All is full of touchscreen

You walk and you listen to a weird electronical buzzing. You turn your head on your left shoulder. That buzz again! OMG! There’s a projector on your shoulder instead of … Continue reading

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Flip series by Daisuke Motogi × sixinch

You know how these Japanese are; full of creative ideas on simple but surprising conversions of objects, you would never imagine. But when you see them you say; “Ahh! I … Continue reading

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phaenotype – wiki – hello

Something new comes up after a good observation. This mostly refers to flirt and sex, but at this very moment I’m introducing my new project; phaenotype. This blog is about … Continue reading

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